My Why

After working in a demanding career for years after graduating college, I realized the effect that stress can have on your life, including burn-out and unfulfillment. I realized how much stress-induced diseases have plagued my own family, resulting in chronic illnesses such as, depression, hypertension, kidney disease and heart failure. In my mid-20s, I took a stand against what stress-induced chronic illness can do to my mind and body as a women of color. I refused to allow stress to become the culprit of my own future health and wellness deterioration. With that, Mind Body Melanin (originally named The Holistic Lioness & Co.) became my 5-9 social enterprise serving women in my community.

I work tirelessly, after my day job, to build Mind Body Melanin filled with health and wellness resources, events, and information. I am a firm believer and advocate for providing health and wellness outlets for under-served communities. I utilize my background in sales to create strategic business partnerships with companies that align with our goals and mission! I look forward to the future and growth of Mind Body Melanin Creating a space for women of color to live healthier and happier.

Meet the founder

My name is Keisha Faulkner, originally from New Jersey and currently based out of Philadelphia. By trade I have been a medical device sales consultant for two top corporate companies for over 6 years. I absolutely love what I do during my 9-5 because it involves helping chronic pain and oncology patients have a better quality of life. Working for a large corporate company is incredibly rewarding and satisfying, but as a career-driven woman, I eventually learned the importance of investing in my personal health and wellness.