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Keisha Faulkner | CEO & Founder

visionary • Christ Believer • POSITIVE vibes giver •  Health + Wellness Advocate

Keisha is a New Jersey native, who earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University. She is a medical device sales professional by day and aspiring social entrepreneur by night. Keisha is a firm believer and advocate for providing health and wellness resources for ethnic communities. 

“Wellness and self-care should not be considered a luxury, it should be a priority for anyone seeking a fuller, healthier and happier lifestyle.”

- Keisha Faulkner


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Aylin McGinnis | Creative Advisor

Turkish/African-American • Raised in Germany • Visual Creator • Lover of the Outdoors and Unknown

Aylin was raised in Germany as a child of the Army. She graduated from Florida A&M University with her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Florida State University with her graduate degree in Business Administration (MBA). She speaks three languages and uses them all in one sentence at times. She is a visual designer who has a thing for making clean user designs and an advocate for people tapping into their creative passions.

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Camille edwards | podcast director

empowerment coach • truth speaker • snack enthusiast • dancing through life

As the daughter of two United States Army Veterans, Camille was raised between two countries, four states, and ten cities. She is a Northwestern University graduate, who earned an undergraduate degree in Relational Communication & Sociology. She is a performing artist (poetry, dance) and a soothing podcast personality. Camille is a people developer. Her days are filled with communication consulting, leadership analysis, and professional development coaching. Camille believes her purpose lies with serving others as they embark on the journey of self-empowerment.