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A Guided Meditation: Deep Relaxation for Anxiety - Season 1 Episode 9

This guided meditation session will focus on how to reach levels of deep relaxation while observing stillness. For those who suffer from anxiety, this will be a guided session you can return to during challenging times. No matter how frequently we experience anxiety, meditation can support us in filtering through what's challenging our spirits and move us into a space of clarity and new found peace.

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An Introduction to Guided Meditation - Season 1 Episode 3

We live in a world where feelings of being perpetually 'busy' can be  overwhelming, to say the least. Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind as we retreat inward, in search of connecting with our highest selves. Today, we see different forms of meditation being practiced and shared in more places than we can name. Let's discuss the beauty of this practice and all it has to offer to any soul seeking silence of the mind, peace in reflection, and power in stillness.

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