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On Finding Time Yourself, Creating ‘Me’ Time - Season 1 Episode 10

What does your 'me' time consist of? When you have time and free space, what do you love to be up to? In this episode, we discuss the power of creating 'me' time and the benefit it has our relationships. As we well know, the healthier and stronger we are, the more positive elements we have to bring to our relationships. Who doesn't want to step into their current/future relationship as their best self. Start with finding time for yourself, to spend in joy, acceptance, and deep reflection.

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Interview with Dr. Kristian H., Blogger + Health Enthusiast - Season 1 Episode 7

Dr. Kristian H.'s teaching philosophy grounds itself in three phrases - Be happy. Be healthy. Be free. This interview tells the story of Dr. Kristian's journey towards capturing and sharing her own happiness with the world, and using that as a platform to teach women of color about giving themselves permission to be anything we've ever wanted to be. Her message, it's not about chasing things; having things, it's about being you and loving yourself as you were created to be.

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