2017 Mind body melanin retreat FAQ:

What are your suggestions for travel accommodations?

Flying: The closest and normally the most affordable airport to fly into is Charlotte (appx. 100 miles away from the retreat center.

Shuttle service: From CLT airport, shuttles such as Hickory Hop go to Boone Daily.


Driving: There may be attendees driving from cities within driving distance (ie: Atlanta) we suggest carpool and split the driving cost. Or we suggest renting a car and finding other attendees to carpool with. Depending on flight/arrival times, we will help coordinate carpooling to split the cost!

Please note: The drive to Boone, NC (Blue Ridge Mountains) may seem like a hassle, but it is completely worth it! Remember this retreat is in the mountains, far away from city-commotion. Just the scenic drive alone will begin to bring you into a relaxed state of mind. You’ll be happy once you’ve arrived!


What should I bring?

  • Anything relaxing, bible, books, magazines, whatever hobby/project you’d like to work on 
  • Feel free to bring special snacks, drinks, or food that you like! The retreat has delicious vegetarian food, but in between meals you may get hungry and prefer your own personal snacks
  • You will not need to bring yoga equipment, the facility provides this for us
  • A POSITIVE attitude and open-mind, ready for renewal of the mind body and spirit!


What should I not bring?

  • Personal Electronics, (except your cell phone for traveling and emergencies)
  • Alcoholic beverages are absolutely not allowed on the retreat premises (repeat: NO alcohol, no wine)
  • Please do not bring speakers for music, the retreat premises are very quiet and serene
  • Work assignments or school assignments, if possible


What should I wear?

Whatever you’re most comfortable wearing. Remember we will be doing some physical activity including yoga/nature walking. Also, September/October weather in NC could be anywhere from 50-60 degrees.

  • Light Jacket
  • Hoodie/sweatshirt/sweatpants
  • Sneakers/boots
  • Yoga pants/tights (optional)
  • Jeans
  • Little or no make-up (let’s enjoy our natural beauty)


What should I expect to get out of this retreat?                                                                             

We encourage you to leave all expectations at home. Attend this retreat with an open-mind and understanding that you are participating in a brand new experience! The MBM Retreat is one of very few weekend retreats in the health and wellness space for millennial women of color. You are an important participant in a ground-breaking and life-changing experience. This is a first for many of us, but the common goal for ourselves and one another is to leave feeling re-vitalized, balanced, and ready to be the multifaceted, ambitious women that we are.


Is this double occupancy only? How are roommates assigned?

Yes, the amount of rooms booked for this retreat is only for double occupancy. This is based on a negotiated rate with the retreat center and maximum availability for retreat participants. After the final deposits are made, a list will be sent out by late August to sign-up with a roommate of your choice. If you do not know anyone going on the retreat we will personally match you with a great roommate.

We will take into consideration any special needs or requests. (i.e. allergies, silent room, no technology, etc.)


If I change my mind before the retreat date will I get my money back?

Unfortunately, the initial deposit is non-refundable to ensure spots are held for an accurate head count and confirmation of attendance. However, the remaining $450 can be refunded for cancellation due to sickness, job loss, and other related emergencies.


What does the $699 include? (Will the cost be worth it?)

Absolutely! If you don’t invest in yourself who will? This is a true investment for your health and wellness. Remember this price includes hotel style lodging, all meals (excluding snacks), retreat activities (yoga/mediation), wellness workshops, group therapy sessions, gift bags (with lots of wellness goodies valued at over $400) and our reserved group space.


Do I have to attend every activity on the agenda?

NOT AT ALL. You are not required to do anything your heart does not desire. This is your personal retreat and we want to ensure it’s the experience you want it to be. There will be some participants who sign up for everything on the agenda and others who will want more of a silent retreat in solitude.

We will HIGHLY suggest certain activities on the agenda such as the welcome/social, group therapy/meditation workshops, keynote speaker night and bonfire.


Can I come a day late or a leave a day early?

If you would like to come in a day early or leave a day later outside of the reserved Sept. 28 - Oct. 1st dates for our group, please contact the Art of Living Retreat Center to make your own reservation for an additional night(s) stay.


When should i arrive to the retreat center?

We suggest taking off a full day Thursday to travel, check-in and arrive by noon for lunch. We definitely recommend traveling to the retreat site prior to 5pm (it is safer and easier to navigate driving to the mountains during daytime hours). 

We cannot change your fee or provide refunds for any last minute schedule changes or cancellations.