The Lioness in search of peace

Who I am.

I am your typical superwoman in training. My mother was my role model, she taught me how to be classy, educated, independent, and successful. At a young age, my parents (both business owners and military veterans) taught me that there was nothing I could not do. A little hard work, ambition, and focus could get you places in life! 

Growing up, success wasn't an option in my household, it was our destiny. I knew someday I would be financially independent, with a prestigious career, and a family on the way. In my mind, I would have it all and I would be happy and successful.

Fast Forward ---- "Corporate Keish"  I'm currently 26, an alumnus of Florida A&M University, involved in local and national organizations, and a young trailblazer for young black women in the medical device industry. I am a sales consultant for the largest medical device company in the world and previously worked for another top medical technology company. 

The Real Me.

With everything aforementioned, let's talk about the "real me." The humble Keish, the sensitive Keish, the God-fearing Keish. After graduating college I was forced to look myself in the mirror numerous times. I came face-to-face with trials, tribulations, and setbacks that I simply did not expect. I faced the realities of being a triple-minority (African-American, young, woman), racism, ageism, and sexism were experienced head on in the beginning of my career. There was a point during my early twenties where burn-out became my rock-bottom. I needed a change. Each life-lesson prepared me to be the woman I am today; resilient, hard-working, and grateful for each blessing God has granted me. 

My Why.


In the midst of career advancement, moving, buying/selling, and achieving my career wins and personal goals, I realized something was missing. That something was peace of mind. I became everything I thought I would, yet I was losing more of myself each and every day. Work was life. Family and friends came first. Praying was basically on the to-do-list. I would go through seasons of highs and lows in life, with a little splash anxiety in between. I needed stillness and peace. I couldn't find it. My best-friend suggested we go on a retreat for my birthday. I searched and googled weekend retreats for [young black women]. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any! So I forgot about it and went to visit a friend in California instead. 

The fact that I couldn't find the retreat that I was looking for and desperately needed bothered me. Eventually, I decided I would create my own and invite a few friends to come along. My inspiration from God grew more and more each day. I realized, not only were there no health and wellness retreats for women like myself, I couldn't find any organizations either. There were plenty of empowerment organizations, natural hair communities, healthy eating blogs, but there were simply none that gave me the entire picture of how I could achieve the mind, body and spirit balance I was looking for. From that, 'The Holistic Lioness & Co.' was conceived. It is my goal to 'Be Balanced' and I am on a mission to help numerous other women achieve that too! 

Peace & Blessings,