THL Retreat Motivational speaker: The Fun, Fabulous & Faithful Dr. Keita Joy

Dr. Keita Joy, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Counselor, Educator, Wife & Mom
Dr. Keita Joy, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Counselor, Educator, Wife & Mom

The woman responsible for creating a movement that reaches nationwide recently sat down with The Holistic Lioness & Co. to discuss what it truly means to become a woman who lives a purposeful life. As a motivational speaker, counselor, educator and success coach, Dr. Keita Joy plans to bring her expertise on the topic of inner-peace and balance to this year’s First Annual De-Stress Lioness Health + Wellness Retreat.

THL: How were you led to your current passion and purpose of becoming a motivational speaker?

Dr. Joy: I’m the only child and I was used to talking to myself and anybody who would listen from an early age. LOL. My mother was an educator, counselor and was also regularly on a local news station with her own morning show. My father was an educator, tennis coach, basketball coach, and also a motivational speaker. It’s in my blood. God purposed me to do this before I was even born.

THL: What do you hope women attending our De-Stress Lioness Retreat will learn the most from you?

Dr. Joy: I am ridiculously excited to be the guest speaker and workshop facilitator for your first retreat…The biggest thing I want them to walk away with, is to find success on their own terms and to understand the power of living a balanced life.

THL: What is one piece of advice that you can give young women who are unsure of how to kick down fear with faith?

Dr. Joy: In order to kick fear down you have to be vulnerable and accept the fact that you have fear. Find out where is it coming from and address the root. Remember that your fear never diminishes how powerful you are. It is often an indication that you are continuing to elevate into new territory and that you should trust the process.

THL: What made you decide on your mission statement, and to incorporate the key words – Empower. Enrich. Encourage?  

Dr. Joy: These words are powerful, dynamic, and ignite others to not only feel good but TO ACT.

THL: You are married with two young children. What is the hardest part of balancing your family life and career?

Dr. Joy: Creating a consistent schedule and keeping up with it daily. I have a five-year-old and a three-year-old and an awesome hubby, while also living the life of an entrepreneur and a professor. It gets busy really fast. Another hard part is keeping my anxiety level low. I do this through the art of meditation and prayer and knowing when to slow down and relax.

THL: Helping people to define success in their own lives and to unleash their gifts and talents to the world is something that you enjoy. How have you been able to achieve this personally?

Dr. Joy: First and foremost, not caring what other people think. I decided to stop people-pleasing and instead started God-and-Me-pleasing.  This attitude brings freedom. Also, I know the power of dreaming big and working hard. Many people have great ideas but they’re not willing to work for it. I work hard ALL DAY long. I also, understand that my gifts and talents are from God. I am commanded by Him to use them with excellence.

THL: You believe in loving God, looking good and taking over the world. How do you exercise these three areas in your everyday life?

Dr. Joy: I love God by first accepting God’s love, reading His Word, praying, meditating, and loving others.

Dr. Joy: Looking good means that I am committed to taking care of my soul and body through exercise, meditation, and doing activities that make me smile, like much needed girl time. I believe that when you look good, you feel good, and then you get paid good! How you look reflects your business, your personality and your beliefs.

Dr. Joy: I take over the world by living out my dreams on a daily basis. I am obsessed with using my gifts to be the best success coach, speaker, and brand in order to change as many lives as possible. There is no limit upon ourselves except the limits that we create.

As a lover of cookies, Beyoncé and all things fun and fabulous, Dr. Joy is looking forward to speaking at this year’s retreat. This proud graduate of Florida State University believes the 2016 Health and Wellness weekend event will be perfect for millennials who want to lead balanced, full and joyful lives.


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“When you are doing what you love, that makes you beautiful and radiant.” – Dr. Keita Joy