5 Really Good Reasons to Start Your Meditation Practice

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

I know it sounds cliché, but meditation has really changed my life, which is why I'm always recommending it to people. So, if you haven't started your practice (yet), here are, what I feel, really good reasons why you should:

1.Meditation helps you align with your inner peace and calm. You may not believe it or be aware of it, but we all have a place of calmness and serenity inside of us. It's just a matter of tapping into it, and meditation is a great way to get to that space.

2.It helps change a negative mindset to a positive one. As I mentioned in my previous post, meditation was one of the things that helped me become more joyful and positive when I was feeling overwhelmed, over-stressed, and frustrated. Meditating helps you learn how to let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you and keep the ones that do, thereby creating a positive mindset.

3.It helps you connect with the Divine. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, meditating helps you stay connected to your Higher Power, guiding you through your daily life.

4.Meditation helps you become more focused. As you begin to sit in silence a few minutes a day consistently, your mind is learning to focus on the present moment, which helps you focus while working and even day-to-day.

5.Through meditation, you learn to keep things in perspective. By meditating regularly, I've learned to not let the little things get to me (as much), and I now understand that there's no reason to worry about things I can't control. Instead, I focus on doing what I can, and leaving the rest to the Universe.

“Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity.” - Baba Ram Dass

Black Girls Guide To Calm, Founder                       Jamie Fleming-Dixon  
Black Girls Guide To Calm, Founder                       Jamie Fleming-Dixon  

Blog Contributor: Calm Coach Jamie Fleming-Dixon works with women who are tired of being burned out, stressed out, and worn out. She teaches them how to create calm so they can be happier and healthier women.

Jamie’s love of meditation and yoga was sparked after giving birth to her daughter, Nailah, in 2013. Her mission is to teach women how to use calming techniques so they can enjoy life again.

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