Ms. Do It All

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

[Romans 12:4-8 ESV]

Imagine visiting a new restaurant with some of your girlfriends. You drive up to complimentary valet parking. The attendant opens your door, hands you a ticket and takes your keys to park. You ladies walk inside and there is no one at the hostess station. You guys are a little confused but decide to wait patiently. You figure that it is a new restaurant so it must be busy. Next thing you know the host pops up and you notice that he looks surprisingly familiar. You shake your head knowing that it cannot be the same person. He walks you to your table and pulls out each person's chair as they sit. He disappears to another table and you guys think nothing of it. You see him out the corner of your eye running from table to table and out the front door and back. As you all read the menu, the same guy appears back at the table, this time he is sweating but prepared to take drink orders. You look around and notice that there are no other servers in the room. You also see that others are losing their patience as they sit and wait for him to return to their tables. You kindly ask him, “Are you the only one who works here?” He smiles and replies, “Yes. I am the valet, host, cook, and server.” In disbelief you ask, “Why would you do all that?” He laughs and replies, “Well if I don’t do it, who will?”

I know that the story sounds crazy and you are probably thinking, who would try and run a restaurant by themselves? But this is just how some of us walk through life, attempting to do it all. Women predominantly feel the need to take on a lot of tasks and problems, not because they like it, but for the same reasons our guy in the story did. “If I don’t, who will?” And in this busy world it is so easy to feel like you have to do it all. But thankfully that is not the case.

God has equipped each and every one of us with gifts. He never intended for us to try and do everything ourselves. God values each unique aspect of who you are and appreciates what each of us brings to the table. What God has equipped me to do may be different than what God wants you to do. We have to learn to work in our distinct areas in order to accomplish God’s mission and keep our sanity.

I believe that in order for us to function in our gifts properly, we have to start with three things:

1.Realize what gift God has given you. Knowing your specific gift and how to use it will help prevent committing to things you have no business doing. For instance, you will never see me standing in a choir. Why? Because singing is not my spiritual gift. When God was in creation mode, he definitely skipped my vocal chords and that is okay. That is just not my area to work in.

2.Allow God to lead you to a place to serve. If we are in a position where we are operating in our gifts we do not have time to worry about stepping into someone else's area. We would have confidence and security that our gift has as much purpose and importance as the next persons.

3.Trust that God will take care of the other areas, without you. I know that there is no shortage of work that God needs to be done on this earth. But we have to realize that we are not the only ones that God has working.

There are many members in the body of Christ, yet we are all equipped for a different aspect of service, both in and out of the church. Know that trying to do it all will have you neglecting your true purpose. Also, be open to the idea that God may have you working in one area in this season, but be preparing you for a different job at a later time. Do not walk around being Ms. Do It All, you cannot and you were not built to do it all. Embrace your gift, be faithful to the season you are in, seek God in learning about your gift and serve with all that you have.


Jessica Loren is a Philadelphia native who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Her desire is to spread love and give hope to all those that she comes in contact with. She has an interest in biblical truth and uses that passion daily by writing, encouraging, and motivating while delivering a message of hope for all. She desires one day to partake in missionary work around the world and is presently working to become a published author. Her main goal is to always keep Christ first in every aspect of her life.


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