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Practicing Self-Awareness When You Are Emotionally Drained

According to, PsychCentral, stress, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and depression, are just a few contributing factors. Emotional melt downs happen. Science tells us why. So what now? Bury yourself deep into your bedroom covers, eat 5 pounds of chocolate, and call your best-friend to complain about how miserable life is? NOPE. Next time you’re feeling an emotional hot-mess try practicing self-awareness by asking yourself these candid, yet, solution-oriented questions.

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The Memoir of a Daddy's Girl: Continuing The Bernie Mac Legacy

Known as the daughter of the late-great comedian and actor, Bernie Mac, this Chicago native, divorcee and mother-of-one has struggled for years to maintain control of her life. Following the death of her famed father, Je’Niece experienced uphill battles that centered around family drama, depression and suicidal thoughts. Fighting to put the pieces of her life back together, Je’Niece learned lessons on faith, victory and self-love. 

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Janie Lacy Interview: Relationship Expert + Psychotherapist

Known for working with individuals and couples involved in difficult, toxic and sometimes destructive relationships, Janie Lacy, has successfully used her passion for counseling and professional experiences to heal the lives of people everywhere. This notable relationship coach and psychotherapist enjoys educating and advising others on dating, addictions, mental health, anger management, parenting and more. 

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